Artist Statement

I think of my works as acts of conspiracy.

I create my work by threading or sewing over painted, found or reclaimed surfaces.

I use found materials such as photographs, images, documents, newspaper clippings.

Stitching is linear, just like the fabric weaving and text. The threading / sewing is like a screen covering, concealing, protecting, similarly to editing or scratching or blocking out words on a page of writing. But some things are impossible to cover up and though they can be obscured, preventing one from seeing them clearly, it’s still going to be obvious that something is there, unleashing a detective in each of us. Something you try to cover up seems to leave a trail, a secret waiting to be discovered.

Conspiracies are as revealing as the truths, they just have a different mechanism. They require expertise.

Zhenya Sklar is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Zhenya received her BFA from Pratt Institute, and her MPS from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU New York. Zhenya’s work has been exhibited at the A.I.R. Gallery and Bushwick Open Studios. As vydavy (in collaboration with Misha Sklar) Zhenya’s work has been exhibited at the Moscow Biennial and Architectural Venice Biennial as well as has been awarded a Public Art Commission through The Queens Museum of Art.